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Medical Supplies

Available for purchase or rental, we carry a variety of reputable home medical supplies.  You can count on our team to help you maintain health, safety, and mobility in your own home and anywhere you want to go!

Mobility Aids 

We want to make sure you are able to keep going about your daily life as easily as possible. Mobility products help you maintain an active and more independent lifestyle.  Let us help you get back moving with our Carex and Golden Tech lines of mobility aids.   With canes, walkers, rollators, knee scooters, electric scooters, and more, we can find the right fit for you so you can keep enjoying life to the fullest.

Medical Compression

Medical compression can do wonders for your body, from increasing circulation, especially in those living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, to supporting you while you exercise. Compression apparel regulates your body temperature, manages moisture, supports your muscles and joints, and delivers increased oxygen and blood flow. We carry custom-ordered Mediven compression stockings as well as CEP compression sportswear. 

Bath Safety 

Seventy percent of home accidents occur in the bathroom, making it the most dangerous room in the house for seniors. Carex bathroom safety products provide security while blending with your current bathroom decor. Use these products as a collection to create a bathroom with dignity, safety, and peace of mind. Bathe with confidence and reclaim one of the most important rooms of your home with Carex bath safety products.


We carry Golden Tech power lift recliners, offering patented comfort that no other company can offer. Even though they've been making them for decades, these recliners aren't stuck in the '80s! We can find you the right mix of size, comfort, adjustability, and style for your needs. We spend plenty of time sitting, so let us help make sure it's comfy. ​

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